Do you know the benefits of baby diapers?


Wearing baby diapers is very breathable and saves money. Why do we need to use diapers instead? Developing the baby's intelligence from infancy and making the baby grow healthily has become the wish of more and more mothers.Keeping the small buttock dry is the first step to ensure your baby's skin health.Therefore, more and more mothers abandon traditional nappies and use diapers for babies.This is a right choice for baby's delicate skin.

Traditional nappies are the easiest to induce diaper rash if they are not used properly.Diaper rash is a common skin disease in infants.The main cause is the direct contact between urine and skin.Because of the friction caused by uncomfortable feeling and the inability to change diapers in time, diaper rash often occurs.The main method to prevent diaper rash happen is to avoid direct contact between the urine and feces and skin, the traditional nappies can not achieve this point. Disposable baby diapers containning super absorbent polymer can quickly absorb urine and prevent reflux, separating it from urine and stool, preventing the increase of skin PH value, weakening the ability of irritant enzymes to cause diaper rash. Disposable baby diapers with super absorbent polymer have a timely and efficient attraction, can make the skin of t small buttocks drier, effectively reduce secondary infection caused by urinary contamination, reduce the chance for infants to feel uncomfortable and friction, so that the baby can be away from diaper rash, keeping the skin dry and healthy.
Dry surface baby diapers can keep mothers and babies sleeping well overnight, which is not only conducive to the development of the baby's brain, but also enable mothers to have sufficient energy for early education and intellectual development of the baby.
As the baby grows up, the amount of activity increases, the scope of activity increases, the choice of comfortable and fitted baby diapers can make the baby more comfortable activities to play, free exploration of the world.

——Source From Diaper Concern

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